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Day 4: San Diego to San Francisco

sunny 19 °C

I have only been in San Francisco for half a day and already know I could live here!! I love it. It is so preeetteee.

I took a cable car from Union Square to Fisherman's Wharf this afternoon and.....so preeeetteeee. Walked around the wharf for a while and then made my way to the famous Lombard Steet (otherwise known as Crookedest Street). But man, you need to be fit, I walked up Lombard St.... I have done my exercise for a week!!

Couldn't really see Alcatraz from Fisherman's Wharf for the fog. It's amazing how much fog there is even in summer!
So much to see here (already know I should have stayed longer), but off to Alcatraz and Angel Island tomorrow, then day after to Golden Gate Park, Bridge and to track down the Full House house!!

The food here is amazing, so many places to eat...I am in Italian heaven, Dad you would love it too!!
After my afternoon jaunt, I came home, back to reality to do my washing. I wan't sure when I may be able to publish a new entry, but hurrah!! I actually have Wi Fi from my very own room!!

The best part about today though was that I was mistaken for a San Franciscan and asked directions, and guess what, I knew where to direct the guy, so I sent him on his merry way.

Anyway, chat soon

Blog yers lata.....

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Propositions and lots of money

Day 3: I want to be a yachgtsman ... (woman)

sunny 25 °C

Today I received my first dinner proposition.... at the bus stop. I declined this romantic invitation and went on my merry way to Shelter Island Marina. Had a lovely day walking the marinas and their massive boats - Revy and I sat here for a while admiring all the boats (maybe fantasizing a little...). Met this hilarious deli owner while having lunch (who I think was a little shocked with my decline of a side to my sandwich...didn't stop her putting the largest pickle I have ever seen on the side though). Best thing though is she had a liquor licence...alright!!

Then headed back downtown and walked around the Gaslamp District, which is full of restaurants and bars. Did a spot of shopping at Macy's and Nordstrom's.

Off to San Francisco tomorrow....

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Mac and Cheese...Yes Please!!

Day 2: PT, art, culture and animals...

sunny 25 °C

Public Transport is great here, easy (that is if you wait on the right side of the road, unlike me) and cheap. $5 for a day pass that you can use as many times as you want, even on the trolley cars!!

Took myself off to Balboa Park today, which is beautiful and amazing. It has great attractions and heaps of museums. I went into the Mingei International Museum that had some fab exhibitions especially one from an Indian lady named Sonabai who was imprisoned by her husband for 15 years where she started sculpting toys for her son as she couldn't buy him any. She was then discovered and awarded the highest honor in India for her art. Then I moved onto the San Diego Museum of Art where I thoroughly enjoyed the Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition (he is famous for his Moulin Rouge and show posters from the late 1800's), then moved onto the Museum of Photographic Arts for and exhibition on Rock 'n Roll photography.

I had to drag myself away from the galleries, so I could get to the Zoo, but not before stopping off at the Spanish Village Arts Centre....so much to see, so little time.!!!

Onto Food. As we know, food portions here can be somewhat large, but everything comes with a side. Breakfast I ordered eggs benedict and was then asked what side I would like. Ordered a cheeseburger for lunch from a kiosk at the Zoo that came with an unknown side of fries. Ordered a water with lunch and was asked if I wanted a small or a large water (small is our normal). Then dinner, you gotta love a place that has mac and cheese on the menu!! Some of you may know how much I love mac and cheese, so couldn't go past it!!

Blog yers later...

By the way if anyone out there wants to get married in Vegas, I met a lovely lady who is a wedding planner in Vegas... I have her card....

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LA LA Muggy Land....

sunny 22 °C

Well have landed in the states (see already American calling it the states). Interesting security process – the US Government now have my fingerprints and lovely photo where I am looking my absolute best particularly after only getting about 1.5 hours sleep so have practically been awake for 24 hours.

After the hundredth passport check I made it out into the lovely fresh LA air (little sarcasm here). LAX airport is so big that I believe I walked more than 2km (and that's no exaggeration) to the United terminal to check in for my next flight (joy!).

By the time I arrived at terminal 7, I looked even more attractive than only 10 minutes earlier. It is only about 24 degrees in LA but the humidity is quite high. I arrived bedraggled and looking like a drowned rat!

After another massive security line I was through, and now almost dying from thirst. I looked like a crazy woman with my mad hair running into a newsagent grabbing a bottle of coke zero and other random, but necessary items to purchase, such as hair bands and clips to tame the mane.

Sculled my drink in record time and then went and ordered my very first Grande Non Fat Latte from Starbucks. My ordering technique was OK, but still needs a bit of work, particularly on speed of order. Now I am onmy way to an San Diego....well wasn't I????

When we got to the gate they started boarding our plane, but then said “Oh and by the way, due to weather conditions, the plane may turn around and come back to LA”...Noooooooo.

Anyway, it all worked out the skies cleared (fog apparently) and was a beautiful day in San Diego. First thing I did, however, was shower – THE BEST FEELING!! Fagged out for a while as was exhausted, but then got dressed and hit the streets......for about 15 minutes. It was dusk and to be honest, I was a bit surprised of how much blatant poverty there is on the streets (I may be naive) I wasn’t really expecting. As I had my camera and laptop on me, I decided to head back towards my hotel and catch happy hour. Happy hour wines were both “Ossie” wines Yellow Tail, so am currently sitting at the bar while writing this enjoying my second glass of “Ossie” wine.

Planning to hit Balboa Park tomorrow which will take the entire day as heaps to see (including San Diego Zoo).

Revy hasn’t made much of an effort yet - got proof of him fagging out on the bed as soon as we got to the hotel – tomorrow will be another big day for him....

Blog yers lata.......

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The Final Countdown...

da da da da.... da da da da da

The time has almost arrived and in only 3 short weeks Revy and I will be leaving' on a jetplane.....

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