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I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay....defintely not a grinder

sunny 24 °C

Well Vancouver has been kind to me, providing me with 3 gorgeous days of weather!!!

Went up to Grouse Mountain today (perched 4,100 feet above Vancouver) - they really should rename it Spandex Mountain (a lot of fit people in spandex here..)

Anyway, the views were spectacular. Took the Skyrail up the mountain - not ready for the Grouse Grind (2.9km trail up the mountain - hence why I am not a grinder). Walked around the peak and then took a chair lift further up to see even better views. Came back down just in time to see the two resident Grizzlys Grinder and Coola come out to play. Grinder put on a good show posing for all us crazy people with their cameras.

Then it was time for the lumberjack show (I love wood chopping), very entertaining, putting two lumberjacks up against each other in multiple challenges, throwing in a bit f humour too!!

Time to come back down as I wanted to head over to Granville Island. Only had a couple of hours to walk around GI, but it was really quaint and the Public Markets were great.

Off to Calgary tomorrow, yay!!

Blog yers lata....

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Beautiful Victoria

sunny 24 °C

Another beautiful day in Vancouver. Today was a big 12 hour adventure out to Victoria, and I am exhausted.

The trip was worth it though,Victoria is absolutely beautiful. I unfortunately didn't have a lot of time on the island as the 10am ferry was full, so had to wait for the 11am ferry. This only gave me about 2 hours of exploring time, so I really just stuck to the the inner harbour area of downtown Victoria.

Very picturesque views from both the ferry and the harbour (you can see from my pix). This is defnitely a place I have to come back to.
I only have one more day here, so I am trying to decide what to do next. So much to do, I envisage I am going to have another big day tomorrow, checking out Grouse Mountain and Granville Island.

Anyway, I think I am too tired at the moment so I am going to sign off....

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Day 7: Vancouver...get owt!! (sorry Kristy, just had to)

sunny 22 °C

Well I have now arrived in Canada!! Vancouver put on the sunshine for me today...it was a beautiful day. Didn't arrive at my hotel until after 4 today, settled in, planned my day tomorrow and then went out for dinner.

Hit the Cactus Club (and a few martinis) for dinner. Thanks Kristy for the recommendation, wish you here to share in the martinis with me - my new fav drink by the way!!!

Well tomorrow is supposed to be another lovely day in Vancouver, so thinking of heading over to Victoria for the day.
No pix today (as spent most of my day at airports), but stayed tuned for tommorrow.

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The Bridge a Palace and the Ladies....

Day 6: HOT in the city....

sunny 32 °C

Whoa, it was HOT today, at least 30+ degrees, Now at 8.00pm it is stil 23 degrees. And yes Mum, I wore sunscreen today (thanks to Connie actually).

Today I met up with Connie again and we headed off to see the painted ladies (you may know them better as the Full House houses).

We started off well, getting on the right bus straight away to get to Alamo Square (beautiful park), then went to take a picture and realised I didn't put my SD card back in my camera and wasn't carrying my camera bag. God Bless Connie who said we had to go back to my hotel, so we did. Got off the bus back in the city and crap, realised I had lost my cardi. Anyway, we went on our way again after going back to my hotel and when we got back to Alamo Sq, low and behold, there is my cardi, someone had hung it on a small pole!!!!

Well we continued on with lots of photo opportunities even. We then went onto see the Palace of the Arts in Presidio which I was looking forward to and wasn't disappointed. It was beautiul.

Now onto the bridge, we took the long way......no we didn't get lost (well maybe a little, but only in a 4 block area - just didn't know where to get the bus from). We finally found it, but not after stumbling onto a great vantage point for the bridge at Marina Green. When we finally found the bus stop, we were on our way up to get closer pix of the bridge. - the views are amazing.

New pix have been posted... Off to Vancouver tomorrow. I really don't want to leave San Francisco, but excited about hitting Canada (and the cooler weather).

Blog yers lata....
PS Cool, American MasterChef just started (should be interesting with Gordon Ramsey as one of the judges)

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It is so dark in here...

Day 5: Alcatraz and Angel Island

sunny 22 °C

Well today as a big day out!! Angel Island and Alcatraz, and I loved it!!

Caught the F-Line to Fisherman's Wharf (PT is great here too...$20 for 3 day pass and can jump on as any Muni PT, but I'll stop boring you with my PT fascinations...) After grabbing my first coffee of the day and suffering a major sneezing fit, I met a lovely lady, Connie from Boston who I hung out with all day (we are even catching up tomorrow to do more San Fran investigating). She loved Revy to, so he got lot of fresh air today!! Posted some pix.

Angel Island was really interesting. It was used mainly for the Army (starting from around the civil war). It was utilised by the Army for 99 years and saw more action during WWII and the Cold War (it as quite a passive station where families could live the the officers while they were stationed there). It ws also used for immigration and was nicknamed the Ellis Island of the West. All very interesting. Connie even bought me a book on Angel Island for me (god bless).

Then we moved onto to Alcatraz....absolutey amazing. The audio tour even had previous inmates talking about their experiences, it was really interesting. The cells were tiny and Connie and I even volunteered to have oursleves locked into an isolation cell for 30 seconds.....and whoa, it was so dark in there, 30 seconds drove me nuts and these guys were kept in here for up to 19 days.
It's incredible that it was only a state penitetiary for ony 30 years with so much happening on the island for such a small amount of time!! It was closed as a jail in 1963.

I could talk about Alcatraz for ages, but won't....7 hours later, we made our way back to San Francisco - very wind swept and sun burnt. The weather here has been amazing. Apparently I bought the sun with me (go figure).
My head cold has taken over my body today, so I drugged up (both tablets and wine) and came back to my hotel room to rest for tomorrow.

Anyway, on my last glass of wine now, a lovely drop from Redtree Winery from St Helena in California and I am being distracted from an
episode of Glee on TV.

My last full day in this amazing city tomorrow. I will definitely be back....

Blog yers lata Vxxxx

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