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Niagara Calls

Day 19

sunny 20 °C

Well we took off for Niagara Falls this morning after a short tour around the city where we went to Queens Park (woops already did that) and then the City Halls. Luckily Kris and I got to sit together and will do so for the remainder of the trip - no Amrican!!.

Niagara Falls was absolutely stunning and so was the day, brilliant sunshine. It really has this inviting quality to it (can sort of understand why some people want to go over in a barrel - not that I would go anywhere near that!!) like you want to just get closer and closer (well it did for me for those ho have been here and are thinking what drugs is she on!!) Firstly we stopped at the top of the Falls to take a few pix (hah, it's me talking here a few hundred). We then went down to board the Maid of the Mist - no wait at all...bonus. I thoroughly enjoyed the boat and we were warned we would get wet, but we must have have been lucky as there was nothing more than a light spray - mist you might say (ha, just cracked myself up, don't know why I found that funny - must be a little delirious).

After the boat we had time to grab some lunch and explore a little. It's a funny little town, a lot more to do than I had imagined. There are two casinos (went to one just for the loos) and a street that looks like a carnival. They also have a Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood - bizarre. Add then of course the larger hotel chains have commandeered the prime views over looking the falls.

Headed back to the city to have a quick break before heading off to dinner at CN tower.

CN Tower dinner was great. The views were amazing and got some great night shots from up high (553 metres high - posted more pix)

Off to Ottawa today - it's so early, we had to have our bags packed and ready to go down to the bus at 6.45, but can still chill a bit as not leaving until 7.45.

Oh we saw some people going in for red carpet event, but no famous people yet and it was the new Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington movie The Debt....damn!!

Blog yers lata...

PS I'm quite enjoying Ushers new music at the moment, and why do Taylor Swift songs all sound the same??

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TIFF is in town...

Day 18

sunny 22 °C

TIFF is in town (Toronto International Film Festival) and any star you could think of is in the same town I am, roaming the same streets I am, and I haven't seen any of them!!

Stars such as Ed Norton, Colin Firth, Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank, Will Ferrell, Juliette Lewis, Woody Allen, Clive Owen, Robert Redford, Ben and Casey Afleck, Jennifer Garner, Maaaaatt Daaaaamon and more (I watched ET Canada tonight). How could I have not run into at least one of these people!!

Anyway, after a frustrating start this morning - I couldn't work out my shower this morning. Very annoyed as I don't ask for much, but a working shower would be nice. Anyway, I packed my bags ready to ask for another room, I decided to try just one more time and low and behold I worked it out. I have stayed in a lot of hotels and even on this holiday and have never had to pul the shower lever out to turn it on!!

Time was a ticking, so I had to move on to start my day of exploring Downtown Tonronno. I started off with the Kensington Markets which TripAdvisor recommended, and if you ask me, I don't know why as I could visit Chinatown in Sydney and buy all the same stuff, so I wouldn't recommend it. So I moved onto the Steam Whistle Brewery who makes Canada's Premium Pilsner, but it didn't open until 12.30, so I took myself off to Queens Park, visited the Legislative buildings and walked around a bit and then headed back down to Steam Whistle to take a Brewery tour - 15 bucks for the tour and a 6 pack of beer...bargain!! The tour was really interesting and the beer is good as well. The only thing is they didn't have bags so I was lugging a six pack around the city. So I decided to head back to the hotel to drop it off before I grabbed some lunch. But since I had worked out the shower and it was quite a warm day, I decided to take lunch back to my room and have a well deserved shower.

Tonight I met up with the tour guide, and also met a few people from the tour, and I hate to say it, but I think I am the baby of the tour again. I did meet a nice lady Chris from Melbourne who is also travelling on her own and we have already made a pact to try and sit together to avoid sitting with this annoying American lady who is also travelling alone. It may be difficult thoush as she has already nominated poor Chris to sit next to her.

Anyway, we are off to Niagara Falls tomorrow, leaving at an un-godly hour of 7.45am. We will also be having dinner at the top of the CN tower. I have posted a few pix from Downtown Toronno I took today. Will post more tomorrow after Niagara visit.

Anyway, better get to bed early tonight.

Blog yers lata .....

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Toronto....oops, sorry Toronno

Day 17

sunny 20 °C

Another plane, another city, arrived in Toronno (just copying the locals) today. I feel like Tom Hanks in that movie the Terminal (not that I've seen it), just seem to spend a lot of time in airports.

Sad to say goodbye to the Joinson's. Had a great time with them. Poor Jus, I got her speaking like an Aussie again (sorry Jus). I have posted some pix from our trip to Banff and Lake Louise.

Technically, tomorrow my tour starts, but it's a free day, so won't really kick off until Tuesday, when we will head down to Niagara Falls. Also have been brushing up on my french in preparation for Quebec and Montreal - French ala aussie style (will let you know how I go).

Blog yers lata...

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Ottawa and Quebec

Day 21-22

sunny 18 °C

Sorry for those who only live for my blogs, but got in a bit late last night.

Thursday (Day 21) we had a tour of Ottawa and the RCMP Stables (Royal Canadian Mountie Police). Our tour included stops at Capital Hill/Parliament, the War Museum, The Museum of Civilization and Notre Dame Cathedral (beautiful - refer to pix). We got dropped off at By Ward Markets for fee time for the rest of the day. So Anna, Michelle, Kris and I took off in search of the famous Beaver Tails. Beaver Tails are special to Ottawa (but are sold in some other places). They are fried dough pastries....mmmmmm....that can be sweet or savoury. I had a savoury, being garlic and cheese and the others a apple and cinnamon topped with caramel syrup (I have never seen so many foods with sugar in my life!!)

Just as we were leaving the markets, it started to rain, but we soildered on and had a squizz at the foyer of the Fairmont Chateau Laurier and then up to Capital Hill to check out the "Women and Pesons!" statue - Five ladies having a tea party who in 1929 won a legal challenge to have women considered "persons" under the Bristish North America Act. making them eligible for appointment to the Senate.

The rain was coming down a bit heavier now and we just had to stop into a pub (another Irish one D'Arcy McGees). After this we went back to the Museum of Civilization (free after 4pm - cheapskates that we are). This museum is actually located in Gatineau in the provine of Quebec (but just across the St Lawrence River - it is also an amazing museum. The exhibitions and the work and ffort they have put in are incredible. We saw quite a few exhibitions such as First Nations cultural heritage and history and a Canadian history from east to west - 1,000 years of Canadian history. We also saw an IMAX movie (IMAX came from Canada). We chose a show called Around the World. We did not read anything about this before we bought the tickets, assuming it would be like a round the world in 80 days - boy were we wrong. Not long after buying the tickets we found out it was about the history of how cowboys evolved around the world - 45 minutes of my life I will never get back - Anna at least took advantage and had a sleep. The best part of the museum we saw last - the childrens museum. This place is amazing - even for us. It takes the kids around the world (should have come here earlier rather than go to IMAX) from Europe to the Middle East and Africa. They can go into each display and dress in clothing and play around, it's fantasic. Would highly recommend anyone with kids visiting Ottawa to visit this museum.

Stayed till closing at the museum. As the bus we wanted to get back had stopped for the night we ended up getting a taxi, who we had to tell where to go (don't think he visited Ottawa very much - he only knew one of about 6 streets we gave him), but the taxi was only 6 bucks (tells you how close we were to Quebec provence). From hee we went to dinner at D'Arcy McGees, and again YUM - had a Shepherd's Pie (Mum, you need to make this for me again when I get home).

Friday (Day 22), we left for Quebec City. To get to Quebec, we hav to go through the outskirts of Montreal, so we stopped at a Marche (Market) to grab some lunch for later on and a squizz around. They have this shop called Bulk Barn, where you can get anything imaginable in bulk even random stuff from mac and cheese mix to molasses. We then moved onto our lunch stop at Notre Dame Du Cap in Trois Rivieres Quebec. We then arrived at our hotel in Sainte- Foy around 4pm to quickly get ready and head off to an optional dinner in Old Town Quebec City. Old town is beautiful and our dinner was delicious at Auberge De Tresor (one more bite and I would have exploded). Thankfully, we could go for another little walk after dinner for some night photo opportunities of the Old Town.

Tomorrow is a tour of lower town and then a few hours of free time exploring before we have to head off for nother optional excursion and dinner.

Anyway, must go as slowly slipping into a food coma.

Blog yers lata....

PS Incase you are windering, I have had to start archiving photos, therefore, you won't be able to view San Diego and San Francisco anymore

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Cowtown...yee ha!

Days 10-16

semi-overcast 12 °C
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Poor poor Swannies, just logged on to see how they went :(

I had a sneaking suspicion that they didn't win. I received a text message from Rachelle at 4.30am advising me the half time score with the Swannies up, but never received another one advising me that they lost.....

Anyway, I have had a lovely time here in Calgary (Calgarians call it Cowtown), taking it easy and spending time with Jus, Mick and the girls Alexis and Ella.

Jus and I went to Lake Louise and Banff yesterday. Another beautiful location and another billion photos later (currently not on my computer, so will post some when I get onto mine).

Well I am off to Toronto tomorrow, where I will start an 8 day tour on Monday that goes through French Canada, ending in Montreal.

Anyway, better go and have some brekkie, so I am free to play with the girls when they wake up.

Blog yers lata...

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