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The final installment: New York - Days 34 to 42

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Better late than never!! Most will be reading this last entry on my first day back at work, but I suppose I have to finalise my trip by telling you all about what we got up to in New York.

We spent 9 nights in NY and we jammed packed every day. We have been able to red tick quite a few places. Our first day was a glorious one, warm, but very humid. We all took ourselves off to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Ellis Island was very interesting and moving - love audio tours. We then caught up with Maeve's brother who briefly gave us the rundown of ground zero. We then had our first visit to Century 21 department store (notice I said first visit).

Our second day we had planned to go to the Guggenheim, unfortunately it was closed on Thursday's, so instead we went to the Museum of Natural History - good day for museums as the weather was miserable. Wow, this place was massive! Quite overwhelming really. If that wasn't enough, we then decided to head to Macy's.....crazy, but not as crazy as the taxi ride back to our apartment. I actually thought I was going to die - a bit melodramatic I know, but this guy got us from Uptown to Downtown in 10 minutes during peak hour traffic!! For dinner we caught up with a school friend, Kate Fitz at Schillers in the lower east side.

Third day we did the Guggenheim...loved it. They had an exhibition called Chaos & Classicism art in France, Italy and Germany between 1918 and 1936. They also had a fantastic permanent exhibition of the Impressionists. After this, we were lucky enough that the rain had stopped, just long enough for us to stroll through Central Park, which is beautiful and have lunch at the Boathouse (yes, the one in the movie 27 Dresses if anyone was wondering). This night we met up with a friend Cas met while travelling in Greece, Dawn who was a riot. We ended up going to an Australian pub so we could watch the AFL Grand Final, however, it was 10 bucks to get in which we refused to pay, luckily and Irish pub was next door and also screening the game. I attempted to teach the rules to Dawn in particular as she had never experienced an AFL game before - she did enjoy it and managed to pick up a few rules by the end.

On Saturday, it was another glorious day, so we headed over to Brooklyn, walked the promenade for a little while after visiting TKTS in Brooklyn to get tickets for an off-Broadway play, Brief Encounter which Cas and I were seeing that night. TKTS is a place where you can buy tickets for Broadway shows on the day for reduced prices - we got 50% off our tickets. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge home where Maeve set off to Jersey to spend the night with her brother for his buck’s night. The play was excellent, thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The next day, we headed off again for TKTS, but in Times Sq this time. Cas was taking a friend of hers to see Billy Elliot that night (hence the second visit to TKTS). Cas and I wandered around Times Square for a couple of hours before heading off to the Empire State Building. After this I headed back home to meet up with Maeve for our Little Italy dinner date - yum!

On Monday it was raining again, so we wondered around Greenwich Village for a while, but the rain picked up so we ducked into a Bistro for a spot of lunch and more cards. I left the others to head uptown to FAO Schwartz, while Maeve went to meet her sister who flew in from Ireland for their brother’s wedding on the weekend. We had great Japanese for dinner and met up with Dawn again to watch Monday night (American) football. This time it was Dawn's turn to explain the rules. We had decided while in Boston that the New England Patriots were going to be our team and it so happened the Patriots were playing Monday night football against the Miami Dolphins. Glad to say, the Patriots won and I even learnt a thing or two about the game.

Tuesday was another day of culture as Cas and I went to the Met while Maeve and Ciara went to TKTS for us to get tickets for a Broadway musical Promises, Promises. Cas and I split for lunch as she was meeting up with Kate again, while I wondered the streets, went to Tiffany's and Bloomingdales and had my first lamb gyro (it was delicious). We all then met up to go to the Frick Museum before heading back to Midtown for dinner and the musical. The musical starred Sean Hayes (for those who know the TV Will and Grace, he plays Jack - just as hilarious in this show).

Our last day in NYC, Cas went off to another show and Maeve and I met Ciara at Century 21 for a spot of more shopping. I then headed home to continue the dreaded task I commenced that morning....packing. We decided to go a little fancy for our last night in NY, so we went into the Meatpacking District for dinner, but not before a cocktail at the top of The Standard Hotel. We went French for dinner which was good and then on for some drinks at the Brass Monkey, where we stayed until closing (4am), then found ourselves in a limo going to Karaoke for an hour or so before finally heading home at 6am.

Alas now, my trip has come to end. I hope you have enjoyed my blogs and entertained you even a little.

Over and out!

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Buachaildeas.(Irish for Good looking male)

Days 31-33 - Boston

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Love Boston!! Another place I will need to come back to!!

Our first full day in Boston, we really just walked around. Everything was reasonably close to where we were staying.

We took a stroll through the Boston Public Garden and Boston Common to get to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. wondered around the shops had a couple of beers and then headed back home to get ready for dinner.

We decided on the Union Oyster House which is the oldest restaurant in Boston and also famous for seafood (obviously). We all decided to get the lobsters, and since I can now compare, I think this one was better than the one I had in Orgunquit.

Next day, Cas still wasn't sleeping well and it was a miserable day raining and cold, so we decided to do a trolley tour around Boston. We saw the site of the famous Boston Tea Party, Fenway Park, Harvard and few other places that I am currently having trouble remembering. That night we had a quiet one in with a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers for dinner as we were NYC bound the next day.

We had to check out of our apartment at 11 and since we had some time to spare, we decided to head back to Cheers for a sneaky beer before heading to the airport. Once we got to the airport, we discovered our plane had been delayed for an hour, so we ate lunch and played cards while we waited. Our plane was then delayed another hour (bad weather and traffic problems at JFK), so we continued to play cards and drink wine until it was time to board. Anyway we boarded about 4.30 and then after 10 minutes, we were advised our flight had been cancelled and so it was off the plane and into a line to get on a re-direct flight. We were luckily to get one into La Guardia at 5.30. So after a while (as re-direct flight was also delayed) we touched down in NY around 7.30. We finally arrived at our apartment around 8.30 - 9pm (long day), but we were now in New York so we got ourselves sorted and headed out for dinner at about 10pm. Had a delicious Italian meal just up the road and finished it off with a couple of beers at our local pub the Red Lion.

More to come on NYC...

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Witch Way??

Day 30: Salem to Boston

sunny 28 °C

Sorry for mot updating you all sooner, but Boston and NYC has been pretty busy - trying to cram in as much as possible in the small amount of time. Below is my update from Salem to Boston.

Well my paryers were not answered. I got more lost today than the 2 days previously. The morning was good though, as I explored Salem a little more. After a few hours, I decided to hit the road and head to Marblehead. This is where my day started to turn (not for the better). I took a couple wrong turns, I then thought I was on my way and pulled over to ask someone where Washington St was and she advised it was just down the road, however, I soon realised that I was not in Marblehead, but Lynn, two towns south of Marblehead. By this stage I was overly frustrated, so headed back north to try and find my way back to Marblehead - again not as easy as I thought. I saw a few streets that I was to take to Boston, so since I couldn't find my way back, I decided to just head to Boston - not a bad idea as this was theeasiest part of my day, Found the car rental place at Boston airport with no problem and headed to our apartment.

At around 9pm, Cas and Maeve arrived in Boston - very excited. Got them settled and then we headed out for dinner. We soon found out that the Cheers bar is only 500 m up the road from our apartment so we headed there for dinner. We then returned home, while Maeve tuned in, Cas and I continued to drink - really not such a good idea for Cas since she only got about 2.5 hours sleep - jetlag hit her hard.

Anyway in the following days we explored as much as Boston as we coulld.

Blog yers lata

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Hot and very bothered....

Day 29: Portsmouth to Salem

sunny 28 °C

Well no thanks to my GPS, I found my way to Cape Ann and Salem. Damn thing stopped working all together this morning!! Again, lucky I had my trusty google map instructions, but even these led me astray a little. On my way to Cape Ann, I called Budget (from my mobile, so probably cost me a small fortune - as I was starting to freak out a little as I thought I took a wrong exit (so many turnpikes of the highways) to see if there was a location near to where I was so I could swap over the unit, and you guessed it, the closest one who could swap it over was Boston!! Don't worry Mum, I have already asked for a refund (it might pay for the phone call I had to make!!).

Anyway, it seems I took the right exit and was back on the road heading for Cape Ann. It was super busy and the only place I could find a park was a decent walk from the waterfront and it was only a 30 minute meter, so I quickly walked down, took some pix and decided to hit the road again. I was trying to get to a particular shopping mall in Peabody, but here is where my directions went a bit haywire. Apparently I was supposed to take the Andover St exit, but there wasn't one and I quickly had to make a decision to turn off before I started heading back to Portsmouth. Here, I had to stop at a gas station to get directions as I had no idea where I was, but pretty sure I was heading in the direction of where I wanted to go. The directions I got didn't really work out, but I did find Essex St, which I knew went through Salem, so one more quick stop for directions and I finally found the place I was staying (decided to skip the shopping centre).

It was unseasonably hot in Salem today almost 30 degrees. I got myself settled and chilled for a bit after my challenging day, to rest up for my Salem night tour.

I just got back from my tour and it was really enjoyable. The tour guides were really nice and they loved my accent. One asked me the oddest question I have ever been asked about Australia - "Is Paul Hogan big in Australia?" I had to laugh, but advise him alas not since the 70's and early 80's.

Anyway, last day driving tomorrow as I head for Boston> I'm excited as Cas and Maeve will be arriving tomorrow night. I have enjoyed the driving (when I know where I'm going) even though it is a beast of a car (driven up a couple of gutters as not used to driving such a big car)

Tomorrow, I plan to explore Salem a bit more and Marblehead before heading to Boston. Pray for me, that I get there with no or little hassles.

Blog yers lata....

PS Revy is doing fine and sends his love.

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Ahh the Cwar...

Day 28: Portland to Portsmouth

sunny 18 °C

Hurrah!! I finally worked out my GPS got it to actually give me directions. Thank God as I needed later in the day (I will get to why later).

This morning I made my way down the coast heading for Cape Porpoise (I couldn't get out of my head Porpoise Spit) via Kennebunkport. Here there is a good view of the Goat Island Lighthouse. Made a brief photo opportunity and loo stop before heading onto Ogunquit to chow down on a lobster at Barnacle Billy's. It was a gorgeous afternoon, while I sat there getting messy on lobster and butter juices. The lobster was really good, but since I'm not a big lobster eater, I don't have much to compare it to (damn forgot to take a picture of my lobster). Just after I finished I went to get my phone, and uh oh, I didn't have it. Went back and checked the car and it wasn't there either. God bless a young girl in one of Ogunquit’s shops who let me use her phone to call my last hotel. Thankfully, they had it, so I was heading back up north to Portland (this is where my GPS was handy as I hadn't counted on having to go back to Portland). So I left Ogunquit in a bit of a hurry, but not before taking a few photos (it was too gorgeous not to).

After the 50 odd miles detour, I could now make my way to Portsmouth - relatively easy from Portland, just straight down the I-95. The place I am staying is lovely (other than the person upstairs sounds like they are choreographing a dance routine) and only 5 minutes from Portsmouth town centre. So I headed into town for a little wander and grab some dinner. The town is very quaint - very ye olde english.

Tomorrow I head to Salem. I have a night tour scheduled which I am looking forward to. I have posted new pix from my journey today.

Anyway better go as new Greys has just started.

Blog yers lata....

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